​Welcome to Care 4 Your Pet/My Smart K9 Dog Training & Dog Sports

My name is Marcia Siderow, and I am the owner/trainer.  I use all positive reinforcement methods to train everything from basic pet obedience to Canine Good Citizen training and testing.  I also teach agility, nosework, some obedience and rally, and other sports as they come along.  I train dogs from 8 week old puppies to seniors.

I have certifications in dog training from theKaren Pryor Clicker Academy,  Animal Behavior College, Pet Tech for pet CPR and First Aid, and the Canine Behaviour Centre.

I've been training dogs for over 14 years professionally, and compete in sports, especially agility, on a regular basis with my  mini poodle, Remington Steele (Remi, pictured on other pages).  

My standard Poodle, Matisse, pictured here, is a certified Therapy dog.  We visit colleges and other venues.  He is now retired from agility at age 12.

I also have a smaller one year old standard poodle, Light Speed Pride and Joy, (Pride, pictured here with Matisse), who is in training for agility and more.